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Music Lyrics

March 5, 2012 Leave a comment

Hi again guys 🙂

I’m going to tell you about a song that I was recently listening to, and the lyrics seemed very true and I started thinking about them. About the world that we live in..

It seems that people everyday start to be greedier , greedier and greedier. Money seems to make the world turn around and it seems nobody cares anymore if in our fight to get the most money possible , we will destroy and make unusable the earth surface..

The song, that is the reason for this post , was in Spanish, but the main idea is that most good people are usually the ones who have less , and the ones that are not greedy are the ones that get beat up by the governments, and that the corrupt ones are some of the meanest people in the world, while love is getting more and more forgot in the dark…
  It really is true and I’d love to have any power to change that. 

I mean, really , in the US they are trying to censor and make everything illegal, until they will just have productive slaves that do what the government demands..   But I am just a 14 year old that , if I would show my real face to all the people I know, like  my friends from school , teachers, neighbors , everyone would think I’m some weirdo , except my mom 🙂 
But life goes on ..

Have a good day ;D